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dns traffic over vpn tunnel

hi guys i have a strange problem. i have two locations one is in Loc1 and other in Loc2 connected thrgh site-to-site vpn. both peers are cisco pix firewall having ios 6.3 ver.they are using public dns servers. local users of Loc2 are now able to browse the local server's by name with the help of dns doctoring.

Client has got some servers in Loc1 also, now he wants that the users sitting in Loc2 should be able to browse the Loc1 servers by name which should resolve to their respective local IP . The client dont want to put any dns entries or dns server's in their local lan..

Do you think is there any solution for that..

New Member

Re: dns traffic over vpn tunnel

since you are using public dns servers, they cannot resolve the name to a local ip of servers behind Loc1 pix.

there is no solution to this until you want to modify the lmhosts or hosts file of each individual machines behind Loc2, which I beleive your client will not coz adding an internal dns server is a better option.

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Re: dns traffic over vpn tunnel

yeah , i knw and we also gave the same solution to have internal dns ,but he is not ready to implement this..

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Re: dns traffic over vpn tunnel

hi Diptanshu,

i am afraid there is no other solution I can think of as of now other than what you and me have agreed upon :-(



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