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Do not see local lan routes on client

I have just setup a 3015 VPN server. I am able to connect to the server from a client PC, but, do not see any local lan routes when connected. The secured routes only shows

I cannot connect to any hosts beyond the 3015.


Re: Do not see local lan routes on client

Just check the firewall rules like access list on the outside interface. It will cause the problem and check you can ping the network inside from the VPN Concenrator

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Re: Do not see local lan routes on client

Thanks, I managed to get the routes to propagate to the VPN client. I now have a peculiar problem where I am unable to telnet to any remote switch (3550) beyond the 3015. I can ping and trace to the switches (3550's) and routers (2600's) from the connected VPN client, but, cannot telnet. If I try ssh to the device, I get message indicating the port 22 connection is refused. However, a telnet to the device from a connected VPN client times out.

Any ideas ?

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