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Does a router with BGP interfere with VPN tunnels?

Hi, I have a PIX 501 behind a router with 2 T1s going to the same ISP. The addresses are in the same subnet. The router just has 1 ethernet connection (which is the default gateway for the PIX 501). Here's my question... in setting up a simple site-to-site VPN, do I need to even worry about the router having 2 T1s and using BGP (for load balancing, I presume)? Do I simply setup the tunnel as usual or do I need additional commands to accomodate BGP on the router?

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Re: Does a router with BGP interfere with VPN tunnels?

Assuming the PIX is doing the VPN tunneling, setup the tunnel as you normally would, BGP and the router won't affect you. BGP will route the IPSec and non-IPSec packets for you, it (just like the internet as a whole) doesn't care what the payload is. The path a packet takes in this case doesn't matter, only the end-points do (ie who terminates the tunnel - the PIX and the far end device).

As for the BGP load balancing, don't forget to include 'maximum-paths 2' in your bgp config.

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