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Don´t see launch event viewer only one day is not displayed

Have had to many IP Localhost Source Spoof

ID: 1114 alarms since a week before. Yesterday I lost connectivity to internet service and today my IDS was unconnected from monitoring connections report.I wasn´t able to connect it until I reseted the unit. Before I performed a show statistics and show events directly from IDS and got "system error no appt processor"After resetting system I was able to connect it and tried to display all events I got yesterday with event viewer and don´t have any. Only have older events and today events (sinde I reestablished connection), but yesterday events which I need to discover what happened with my network yesterday are not available. Is there a way to recover them?What could had happened? Could my IDS been compromised yesterday with an attack? How could I know that?

Any suggestions, please advise.

Cisco Employee

Re: Don´t see launch event viewer only one day is not displayed

Hoping that the sensing interface was up and seeing the right traffic, these records should be in the

/usr/nr/var/log. directory in case of 3.x sensors. There will be files with timestamps. Check for the day/time you are looking for.

In case of IDS 4.x sensors, execute the command "show events to query the locl eventstore for the alarms that you are looking for.



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