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DOS attack on IOS Firewall

Is there a way to stop DOS attach on my web server that is behind a IOS Firewall. I see a lot on unwanted automated HTTP connection on my web server.

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Re: DOS attack on IOS Firewall

If the IP address that it's coming from doesn't change, you can add an ACL to the Firewall denying all traffic from that address range.

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Re: DOS attack on IOS Firewall

If they're taking up a lot of your bandwidth to your ISP, you can also talk to the ISP and have them do filtering on their end. Most ISP's will do this if you have a dedicated business-class connection I think.

New Member

Re: DOS attack on IOS Firewall

if u have ios firewall configured for inbound traffic destined for your web server, then u can tweak the following config cmds to prevent dos:

ip inspect max-incomplete high

ip inspect max-incomplete low

ip inspect one-minute high

ip inspect one-minite low

ip inspect tcp max-incomplete host

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