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Downgrade Software?

Cisco gives the option to downgrade from 7 to an earlier version. Why would you need to go backwards. Also I have only used TFTP to save and load configs and they can only be read in wordpad. If saved as a text file, like cisco documentation suggests, how do you put the config back in the box without going line by line? Also has anyone tried to take a config from one version and load it into another version? Does it work?


Re: Downgrade Software?

1.) Cisco gives the option to downgrade from 7 to an earlier version.

A: I guess you had feature troubles and version 7.x might still be in Early Deployment state so I guess the y proposed you a General Depoloyment Release that is more stable.

Release Train

Release Train refers to a major release of the PIX Operating System, e.g., 5.2, 5.3, 6.0, 6.1. Only Operating System releases are given a release designation; Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) and PIX Device Manager (PDM) releases are not given a release designation.

Early Deployment ("ED") A release train designated as ED is appropriate for selective deployment within the customer's network where the new features of the release are required. A release train is labeled ED until it achieves GD status.

General Deployment ("GD") A release train designated as GD is appropriate for deployment at all points within the customer's network. The criteria used for declaring a release train GD is based on, but not limited to, time elapsed since the initial release of the train, customer feedback, quality trends over time and other field-reported data. Once a release train achieves GD status, no new feature or platform additions are planned for the release train. In addition, all future maintenance releases of that release train will meet the GD criteria.

2.) Yes you can copy in the same release version the config on the console in telnet or ssh, by using cut and paste, into the PIX in config mode.

If you save a version 7.0 config and try to paste it into 6.3.x version you will see some error messages because the interface setup and inspect part is diffrent in the release 6.x.



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