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DPD recieve mismatch from Client

i have 2 problematic users in remote offices using dial up to connect to the Internet

They use Cisco VPN 3.6.3 to get to our main site

the problem is that the connections would drop sporadically. Sometimes they would lose only the IPSec sometimes they would lose the whole ISP connection.

i resolve 1 of the users issues by switching ISP's but the other is still having the same problem. This is the Event Log output (not the real IP)

3662 02/27/2003 09:39:24.870 SEV=5 IKE/124 RPT=5

Group [group-1] User [user-1]

Received DPD sequence number 0x470a709b in R_U_THERE_ACK, expected 0x470a709d

3664 02/27/2003 09:39:24.910 SEV=5 IKE/124 RPT=6

Group [group-1] User [user-1]

Received DPD sequence number 0x470a709c in R_U_THERE_ACK, expected 0x470a709d

3702 02/27/2003 10:46:46.810 SEV=5 IKE/124 RPT=7

Group [group-1] User [user-1]

Received DPD sequence number 0x470a70aa in R_U_THERE_ACK, expected 0x470a70ab

could this be caused by poor telephone line quality

they are connecting via a new ISP

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Re: DPD recieve mismatch from Client

I was wondering if proxy access-lists between the two vpn peers match...

That might be causing some problems.

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Re: DPD recieve mismatch from Client

there are no access-lists

this is a (dial-up) cisco software client to concentrator connection

i am pretty sure the problem has to be the telephone lines, the client in question are in a very rural location. the telephone people informed me that the line is about 30 yrs old. they will guarentee voice, but not data. i can (from my laptop) dial up and vpn in as that group and user from another location and run a continuous ping to an internal pc on the central site LAN all day long. but when they dial up (no matter what isp they use) they will lose their connection after maybe 2 hours or so and have to reconnect. i have also upgraded thier modem drivers, slowed down the modem speed, and adjust the mtu size to no avail.

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