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DSL / VPN equipment suggestions ?

Here's my situation I manage 5 geographiclly seperated offices (20 users @ each location) and one management office (30 users/2 servers). Most of the important trafic is all telnet, however we would like to support some other services later in the future, like pcAnywhere or such services to remotly manage our network. We're using a costly frame relay up to this point. Our plans are really to redesign the whole network, were replacing terminals and access servers with an all PC/IP network. Cost of upgrades is not really an issue due to the monthly savings of running the VPN, and the advantages of getting away from our dummy terminals. We want to stick with a hardware solution for site to site communication, and i have great flexabilty and a decient budget to implement it. I'm just not sure what equipment i should be looking to buy for each location ( a switch with a vpn concentrator @ each location or, a VPN router 2600/3600 to support the switch). Any suggestons, or resources would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: DSL / VPN equipment suggestions ?

do I need a firewall behind this config to be able a to share internet access across the LAN securly ? Are there any devices that share all these features ?

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