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Duplicate computername error

We've got 2 Windows 2000 computers plugged into a switch that sits on our PIX (4.4(2))

Upon boot up, there is an error message "Duplicate computer name exists"

The two computers do have different IPs and different names.

When the computers boot up on a switch that's not connected to our PIX, there are no error messages.

I'm new to PIX (but not firewalls) so I was wondering if anyone has some ideas.



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Re: Duplicate computername error

I am wondering if you have multiple 'names' commands with similar names in your configuration file.

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Re: Duplicate computername error

Thanks, but I was wondering if the message was legit, so I renamed the one computer evanitsky (my last name) and still got the error message. (I've only been with this company 4 months, so I doubt there was a computer name with my last name)

This is driving us/me nuts.

It's like when the computer boots up and broadcasts itself as available, the broadcast is reflected back by the PIX, and in misinterpreted by the PC that sent it in the first place.

The ARP table looks fine, and pings (that don't leave the DMZ) are fine, it's just that no browsing or windows networking can take place on the DMZ.

slowly pulling all my hair out.


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Re: Duplicate computername error

Hey Doug,

I am also having a similar problem but I haven't started troubleshooting yet. I'm curious about what type of switch it is and if you resolved the problem?

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