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Dynamic connections in VPN

Im trying to configure a VPN tunnel betwwen a PIX having a static IP and a router having dynamic ip address given by ISP. I have configured a dynamic map on the PIX to accept the connections from the router. The pix is connected to the internet through another ISDN dialup rotuer. My problem is that wehnever i try to configure a tunnel from the router to the pix it is not getting established. but with the same settings if im trying it on the router to whicn the pix is connected i can establish the tunnel.

So is it a problem with the pix that it needs a static ip on the remote peer also or is it a problem with my configuration.



Cisco Employee

Re: Dynamic connections in VPN

It's a problem with your configuration. Does the PIX have a globally routable IP address, or is it a provate IP address? If it's private, the the remote router won't be able to get to it, and you'll have to add a static NAT translation on the outside router that maps through to the PIX's address. You can then point the DHCP router to this NAT address and it should work.

Can you run crypto debugs on the PIX and send us the output when the tunnel is attempted to be built?

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