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EasyVPN with space in Group name on 837

Hi (me again)

I have the 837 with EasyVPN remote configured to my work (a Cisco 3000). The problem is that our group name has two spaces in it :format 'ab cde fghij' and while this works fine in the Cisco VPN client software and from my linux box (vpnc), the cisco router will not accept it. (due to the space in the group name). Is there a way to add a group name containing spaces? I have tried all my esc codes and such like, but none work :(

I have asked the cisco peep at work to set up a new group and she will, but she is having her baby any day now and doesnt really have a lot of time so I figured; if anyone knows The Cisco crew will! :)

any ideas? (all this cos I am wanting to move to my Vista64bit platform now that everything else works on it, appart of course from the Cisco VPN Client (even V5.00.340)

Heres hoping - Rachel in Gibraltar

(slowing becomming a cisco-gal...)


Re: EasyVPN with space in Group name on 837

I don't think its is possible to have group names containing spaces for a router. I think you will need to configure a new group for connecting VPN clients.

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