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eigrp not advertising over gre tunnel

I am setting up a gre tunnel between two remote sites for backup for management T1's. I have the tunnel set up with the correct source and destination and can ping both ways and eigrp is set up correctly and I can see the neighbor relationship. But for some reason, the tunnel is not passing any routing updates to the 7206. If I turn the T's off, I lose all routes, turn them back on and they are back. I am using the same distribute list on the T's as I am on the tunnel. Does anyone have any suggestion for why I can't get eigrp to advertise to the other side the routes that are set up in the distribute list?


Re: eigrp not advertising over gre tunnel


Please make sure that your EIGRP network statements include the physical subnets as well as subnets configured on the tunnel interfaces and your crypto ACLs are also correct.

for more explanation, point to :



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Re: eigrp not advertising over gre tunnel

I do have the network statements set up correctly and this is just an open tunnel for back up of management traffic(i.e. customer e-mail, DNS, and web server traffic) should the existing management T's fail. The matrix routers we are using do not sit on the edge though. They are 2 hops in our network and we have static routes pointing down to the matrix router from the edge router. Is it possible that the tunnel needs to sit on the edge instead of sending the tunnel traffic inward? I don't see why that should be a problem. I am going to do some debuggin of the eigrp traffic tonight on the matrix router and hopefully that'll show something.

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eigrp not advertising over gre tunnel

Just curious did you find a solution? We have the same issue.

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eigrp not advertising over gre tunnel

That is a pretty old thread that you are trying to adopt. I think you might be better off to have started a new thread in which you describe your environment and tell us about your problem.  This is especially true since the first thing we are going to do is to ask you to describe your environment and to describe your symptoms.

As a start you might want to post the output of an extended ping on each router to the tunnel destination on the other router and specifying the source for the ping as the tunnel source interface.

It would also be helpful if you would post the configuration of the tunnel on both ends and the configuration of EIGRP on both routers. It would also be nice to see the output of show ip eigrp interface on both routers.



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eigrp not advertising over gre tunnel

Thanks for replying, but we figured out why we weren't getting advertisements. Pretty lame actually. We forgot to include the network of the inside subnets between the tunnels on our remote office router.

ie. router eigrp 100


network ( where is the HQ router )

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