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Enabling ports on a PIX501

I would to access a web page that contains a Control panel for administrering an external website.

The Hosting company tell me that I need to enable ports 8080 and 8087.

Can anyone tell me how to do this? I am a complete novice at PIX config.

I assume this will be for outbound access. The webpage address begins http://, so I assume this is the protocol using the ports.



Re: Enabling ports on a PIX501

Hello Andy,

Can you please post you PIX config (remember take out sensitive info, i.e. passwords and inside IPs). Basically what you'll require is ACLs applied on the inside for connectivity to the two mentioned ports for an internal client i.e. your PC/Laptop to connect to the outside client.

Not knowing your PIX OS or seeing your configuration on PIX:

(In configuration mode)

access-list inside_out permit tcp host any eq 8080

access-list inside_out permit tcp host any eq 8087

access-list inside_out permit ip any any

Now you'll need to bind the above ACLs to the inside interface of you PIX i.e.

access-group inside_out in interface inside

The above ACLs will give you connectivity to the mentioned ports (8080/8087) from your inside nominated IP address. If your outside client needs access to you then you'll require a static command and ACL to allow the outside client into your inside network.

Remember to save to memory with command: write memory and also issue command clear xlate.

If you like you can send your configuration direct to me at


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