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Enabling SSH Ver 2 on IOS

Well I am trying to find out whats the best option when it comes to IOS upgrade. Audit is telling us that we have to ssh into all of our routers and it should be nothing less than version 2. Now since almost all of our routers are on 12.1 build, I need to find a IOS version that would support SSH without any hardware upgrades. I did some research and found out 12.3(15) and above should cover that. On the other hand we have new video application is coming and also QOS, so the higher the IOS the better, is it not?? Any Suggestions???

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Re: Enabling SSH Ver 2 on IOS


I looked in the Feature Navigator on the Cisco web site and I do not find a 12.3 support for SSHv2. I do see a 12.1E with support for SSHv2 for 7200, 7500. If you describe the kind of routers that you are talking about we may be able to give more help. But for the most part I believe that you will need 12.3T or 12.4 mainline to get support for SSHv2. And I would not be optimistic that you will be able to upgrade code to those levels without requiring some hardware upgrades.



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Re: Enabling SSH Ver 2 on IOS

Rick, Thanks for the input, I was hoping that we could upgrade to 12.3T or 12.4 without the hardware upgrade. We also have alot of SUP1s with MSFCs, those need to upgraded to support SSH V2 which seems like 12.2(18) code can do according to the feature navigator. Since SUP1s are end of life, I guess this can justify an upgrade to SUP32s.

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