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New Member

Error when Adding Sensor to CWCS 2.2/IDS MC 1.2

In IDS MC 1.2, when I click on Devices-Sensors, I get the following error: "Problem with File /WEB-INF/screens/sensor.jsp!!!null". Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Damien Dinh

Cisco Employee

Re: Error when Adding Sensor to CWCS 2.2/IDS MC 1.2

The error you are seeing is due to java corruption. Go to control panel --> add / remove programs --> select all versions of JRE and remove them. Then reboot the machine. Then log back into the VMS server and this will download a fresh copy of JRE. Then try to add your sensor again. If this fails then you probably need to uninstall and reinstall VMS. If problem still persists, call Cisco TAC for further assistance.



New Member

Re: Error when Adding Sensor to CWCS 2.2/IDS MC 1.2

Yes I am seeing the exact same error.

I removed the java 1.3.1 but it is failing to download a new version

Funny thing is, from the same server, I can connect to ANOTHER VMS 2.2 MC and load the sensor page just fine.

It only happens from this particular server. I have a TAC case open but so far they have not given me any new advice.I sent them and misc log files.

Re-install? Been there 5x!, got the T-shirt already.

Guess one more time wouldnt hurt huh?

This is my 2nd major VMS meltdown. I seem to have one with every new version release :-(

Maybe what I can do is check the JRE version and download a new copy from Suns site and reinstall it .

Ill let ya know if that works




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