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Establish VPN over another VPN Connection

Is there a way to establish a second IPSEC VPN once you are already connected to an IPSEC VPN? For instance, I have a situation where 2 PIX boxes are going to be replaced by ASA 5505's. Right now, the people who are utilizing the PIX's VPN into our corporate network (Via Cisco VPN Client connected to a VPN 3000) and then once they are VPN'd into our corporate network, they establish a PPTP connection (using Windows DUN) to the PIX's so they can access devices that are behind the PIX.

Since the ASA does not support PPTP, I haven't been able to figure out a way to establish multiple simultaneous IPSEC connections. I tried enabling the WebVPN client on the ASA hoping it would work, but it does not.

I have thought about setting up support for l2tp over IPSEC on the ASA, but I feel this probably won't work either.

Has anyone tried doing something like this before? Any ideas on how to accomplish this? I supposed I could leave one of the PIX's in place and allow them to continue to PPTP into that device still, but I'd rather not.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Establish VPN over another VPN Connection

I tested out using the Windows VPN client with l2tp over IPSEC and it still did not work. Anyone have any ideas?

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