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Event Filter?

I have a very basic question. We have a 4250 IDS running version 4.1. I use IDS Device Manager to configure the IDS. My question is: What is an Event Filter? Once you create an Event Filter, what happens to the traffic that matches the filter? Is that traffic ignored or is it specifically looked upon?


Cisco Employee

Re: Event Filter?

Hi Kendo,

Filters enable you to customize and refine your view of event data by specifying alarms to exclude from your view.

For more details on this, you can refer to this url :

Hope this helps


Community Member

Re: Event Filter?

I should have been more specific. I'm refering to Event filters on IDS Device Manager, under Configuration > Sensing Engine > Alarm Channel > Configuration > Event Filters

I'm wondering if the traffic specified by Event filters are included or excluded from monitoring.


Cisco Employee

Re: Event Filter?

Both exclude and include.

The filters have a parameter called "Exception".

If "Exception" is set to False then the line will attempt to Exclude the alarms matching the other paramaters.

If the "Exception" is set to True, however, then it overrides any fitlers where Exception was set to False that match the same alarm. So "Exception" set to True acts as an Include over riding the Excludes for those alarms.

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