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Examiner Exception

Examiner Exception

Examine cannot process your request:

Please input a valid value for $Time Range

This is the error message displayed while accessing the reports through the Policy Reporter component of the CSPM 233i server on 8080.

Any ideas what would be the catalyst into this exception?


Re: Examiner Exception

This error would most likely occur if you've done a signature update or database conversion recently. I had faced a similar error and all that I did was to reinstall the CSPM after uninstalling it. Don't forget to import the topology. Try this it might work for you too.

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Re: Examiner Exception

yes, this seems to correct the issue.

What I would like to understand ( and I am sure that I do not speak just for myself) is why does this exception occur, and what is the relationship in between the policy monitor and the policy reporter.

As a generic example, I am not a microsoft user, and for the most part do not beleive in reboot - recycle, in being the how, and the why for solving problems. There is a need in completely understanding the problem.

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