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Excellent management software?

I'm new to my position and have been asked to find a network performance managment package for my company to use. I've searched around and found a few different solid offerings, but was really intrigued by a solution from BMC Software consisting of 2 tools. I found a free download of one of their solutions ( and some pretty interesting white papers and online demos of the other...I was wondering if anyone out there is using these tools (apparently they're pretty new) and if not if one of you more seasoned veterans would download the trial and let me know what you think I'd certainly appreciate it.

Thanks -- Matt

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Re: Excellent management software?

You can try 'Whats up Gold" from IPSWITCH to monitor IP Networks.There is a trial version from the IPSWITCH website, and the licensed version only costs something like US$750 or so.

To monitor your WAN links you can try running MRTG. This is a freeware application that works extremely well to show bandwidth utilisation.

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Re: Excellent management software?

It was my understanding that What's Up Gold deals mostly in Fault this true? We're currently using HPOV, but don't have anything to measure the performance of the individual LAN devices.

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Re: Excellent management software?

Whats up Gold is a Network Management tool. WhatsUp Gold enables you to keep your mission-critical network services up and running. It's ideal for businesses of all sizes: larger organizations can use WhatsUp Gold at the departmental level to monitor the availability of mission-critical applications or to complement the existing monitoring system; small-to-medium sized businesses can use it as their all-in-one network management system. The software can be used to monitor link availibility as well as individual computers. It measures throughput and is bundled with the most common IP testing utilities.You can have a graphical view of your entire LAN and all its devices and will be able to monitor each device on your LAN. Visit the website for more details.

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Re: Excellent management software?

Its not cheap; but try

Its what all the big guys use.. tivoli is nice

also.. especially for lan node health and predicting

issues before they crash something.

Both integrate well with HPOV

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