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Expand details on IEV

I have an IEV 3.1(1) S34 receiving alarms from a 4210 appliance.

I am seeing some "DNS High Zone Xfer" (ID 6952) signatures but I am not able to see the "Expand whole details" option.

I do right click on the main View and "expanded details dialog" appears without any entry.

It does not happen with other signature IDs.

How can I see details (as date, time, source, etc) of this signature?

New Member

Re: Expand details on IEV

This sounds very weird. What happen if you double click the cell associated with those "DNS High Zone Xfer' alarms in the "Total Alarm Count" column of the main View? It should open the "Alarm Information Dialog" window. Is there any alarms listed in that window? This window will list all the details of the alarm such as source address, dest address, sensor time, date, trigger string etc.

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Re: Expand details on IEV

If it helps, I am using IEV 3.1(1)S32 Build 29 and am able to view "Expand Whole Details" for signature ID 6052.

Perhaps it is a bug in IEV 3.1(2) S34. You could try and load the log into a different version of IEV and determine if the problem persists. Otherwise, defining view properties could help, although doubtful if the problem occurs only with this signature.

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