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Failover PIX 520 loses communication to mate

I have two 520 PIX running in failover mode on 5.3.3 version. I am getting a message on Primary such as "(Secondary) Lost Failover communications with mate on interface X" and then if I do show failover, it says that its doing testing on both interfaces 0 and 1 of secondary. Output of show failover command is like this:

show failover

Failover On

Cable status: Normal

Reconnect timeout 0:00:00

Poll frequency 15 seconds

This host: Secondary - Active

Active time: 12660 (sec)

Interface outside (x.x.x.x): Normal

Interface inside (x.x.x.x): Normal

Other host: Primary - Standby

Active time: 0 (sec)

Interface outside (x.x.x.x): Testing

Interface inside (x.x.x.x): Testing

When I go to secondary and do show failover, it gives me normal status on all interfaces for itself and primary. Plus on both it says that cable status is normal. I tried by making the secondary to primary but same thing happened. I am getting jerks in connectivity on LAN to internet as primary doesn’t respond on LAN for few seconds and then come back up. This happened in both scenarios when I switched secondary to primary.

A week back, we had power shut down and we kept the primary firewall running while the secondary was shutdown for an hour. If this has something to do with this issue?? if yes then what would be the remedy?

Please if anyone can tell me to how to trouble shoot this issue. Thanks in advance.


Re: Failover PIX 520 loses communication to mate

Well you can check if the cable is working or not, more or less something to do with the physical equipment.

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