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File copy errors - from LAN to DMZ PIX 515

Hi All

I have a weird problem, which is, when I try to copy files from LAN side of a PIX 515 to the DMZ, the copy comes out with errors, when doing it in Windows (CIFS filetransfer) If I transfer the same file with Eg. Netop remote control (there is a filetransfer program included) the transfer works fine. This is a huge problem for me, cause the guys who develop stuff, are having problems getting their new files to the servers in the DMZ. Also, if I transfer the same file with Netop program to a server in the DMZ, I can with no problems transfer the file to another server in the DMZ. But not transfer the file from a client on the LAN side directly to the server on the DMZ. I know this problem might be some kind of Windows issue, but I havent been able to find any solutions on the net, thats why I want to hear you guys here. It seemes like the problem only occur when the traffic is traversing the Pix from LAN to DMZ. I have a attatched part of my configuration.


Re: File copy errors - from LAN to DMZ PIX 515

It measn there is problem with the network or PIX.See if other windows client work properly.Check for the access list configuration.

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Re: File copy errors - from LAN to DMZ PIX 515

We got the problem solved. Instead of doing nat to the global of the dmz interface, we made a one 2 one nat statement. Now there is no errors when copying.


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