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Filtering problems in Unix director

In Unix director I have an unsorted list of signatures for particular sensor (after updates I have new signatures at the bottom). It makes difficult to use Director to find and tune particular signatures.

But.. today I've got very interesting problem. I tried to exclude sigs 3110 and 3150 for one network using Unix Director. I located them in the list, highlighted, put a source, destination and pressed OK. The final exclude string was 3110-3150 (not 3110, 3150) because origically (in version 2.5) were no signatures between them. Now I automatically disabled sigs. 3111, 3112, etc..

I think it is a bug in Director.

New Member

Re: Filtering problems in Unix director

This is a bug in the Director. The Problem was due to the fact that the Unix Director assumes that the signatures in the configuation files is always in the sorted order based on signature id, which is not so, when we apply new signature updates. I have filed a ddts report to track the issue.

One of workaround could be defining individual filters for the signatures 3110 and 3150 seperatly,

even though they are displayed in succession in the UI.


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