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Find snmp access to which interface

We have an router with 10 interfaces, and get from this device a lot of incorrect community messages. We see the server which is doing the queries, but this is a print server which about 500 printer queues and the administrator does not find one of our interfaces in the configuration. When we do a debug snmp packets we see only the servers ip-address but not which interface is being asked. Can we found this information? What must we do?



Re: Find snmp access to which interface

To view the information try an SNMPwalk of the ifTable to find which which interface goes with which SNMP index .And then try polling that SNMP index.

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Re: Find snmp access to which interface

I have done an snmpwalk, and find the ip-address from the server 2 times in results. But i didn't find which ip-address or interface from the router is queried. In an debug snmp packets i see only the routers loopback address, but the server people are sure, that they don't query this address.

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Re: Find snmp access to which interface

The Debug should have contact the OID being queried. The OID will specify an "Instance" as the last digit.

For example, the OID for Instance 2 IfInOctects is: .

To figure out which interface instance 2 is do an snmp walk of the ifDescr: .

Instance 2 listed in that table will contain the value of the name of the interface. I.e. inside/outside, whatever.

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