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Finding out the ip address of a port on the switch

I have tried everything but cant find a solution to this problem. I have two Cisco cat 5500 with RSM mods in them. The network is segregated using vlans. Is there a way of finding out what ip address is being used by a port on the switch blades.

I am able to find out the port on the switch by knowing the MAC address, by doing a "sh cam" but is there a way that I can see what ip address a certain port is using to talk to a machine on the LAN.

This is important in order to trouble shoot local area problems. All help is appreciated and Thanks in advance.


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Re: Finding out the ip address of a port on the switch

If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for a way to find out what IP address is on the machine plugged into a port on your Catalyst...??? You are half way there with your 'sh cam', but now you need a way to show you an IP address-to-Mac address conversion. Our friend, the ARP table will tell you that. Try a 'sh arp' for MAC-to-IP address table...

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