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firewall 515e - Problem with the ping command

I have a sisco firewall 515e, which connect two networks. The A

network is the inside and the B is the outside.The B network has 20 hosts

and a router. The A network hasn't got internet. With the firewall 515e I gave internet to the A network and I allowed the A network to make

ping to the B network. The problem is that I can not make ping from 2 or 3

hosts -not always the same hosts- of the A network to others host of the B network, specifically to the router. Consequently these hosts do not have

internet. This is the B network This is the A network A router the outside NIC of 515e The inside NIC of 515e

Here is the commands I used to program the 515e:

ip address outside

ip address inside

route outside 0 0 1 (default route)

nat (inside) 1

global (outside) 1 netmask

conduit permit icmp any any

The problem is that same hosts, 2 or 3, -not always the same- from the A

network can not make ping to the router or any other hosts to the B network.

So I can not give internet to these hosts. Any idea???


Re: firewall 515e - Problem with the ping command

Can those problematic hosts always reliably ping the inside interface of the PIX firewall? What do the problematic hosts have in common? Could they be on the same hub or switch?

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