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Firewall blocking a particular site

Hi All,

I am facing a strange problem with 501 firewall IOS 6.1(1) .. We have establishd a VPN connection to a network with address and its working fine...

the problem is that when i try to open the site that is on ip address 156.135.x.x then its not opening but if i m opening it bypassing firewall its opening..any Idea....?

I have tried to block IP for the specific IP addres...but still its not working...

Plz help me to troubleshoot this

Thanks in advance


Re: Firewall blocking a particular site

just wondering if you are referring to a lan-lan vpn, and the remote net is

apparently belongs to public segment, and it shouldn't be used as private subnet scheme. anyhow, assuming your office has a lan-lan vpn with subnet, then your office will not be able to access the real subnet, which is legitimate.

New Member

Re: Firewall blocking a particular site

Hi Jackko,

Thanks for reply,

Its lan2lan vpn connection with remote peer is on 156.135.x.x address. the site is situaed in this subnet with 156.135.x.y address.

I am able to open it beyond firewall but not inside configuration of firewall i have permitted the ip traffic from

any solution?


Re: Firewall blocking a particular site

please post the configs.

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