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Firewall Connecticity through Trunk Port


Attached please find the Network Design which is supposed to be deployed at my site.

The problem I am facing is the VLAN connectivity between firewall and the Untrust Networks. My Network is closed Network and received the Data from Untrust Sources via Dedicated Links. The all untrust networks are using different IP Schemes and Subnet Numbers.

I went through the Documents of Cisco Pix Firewall and try to do the configurations as mentioned there but somehow the trunk port is not working with Firewall although it is configured on switch as nonegotiate.

Can anyone suggest some solution?

The Pix firewall software version is 6.3(4) with UR license.


Mansoor Hafeez

Community Member

Re: Firewall Connecticity through Trunk Port

The PIX doesn't understand trunks. It examines the VLAN tags of any traffic on an interface and discards any traffic tagged for VLANs it has not been configured to understand.

The lines below are from a config I have used for over 1 year.

PIX Version 6.3(4)

interface ethernet1 100full

interface ethernet1 native_vlan_id physical

interface ethernet1 vlan2 logical

interface ethernet1 vlan3 logical

nameif ethernet1 NAME1 security_xx

nameif vlan2 NAME2 security_yy

nameif vlan3 NAME3 security_zz

after this is done you can add the IP addresses etc

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