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FireWall port redirection

Hi All,

I have got PIX F/W , on which I am going to have ADSL line connected , and I want to publish my HTTP , FTP servers on the net plus provide a VPN connectivity to our UK office, the problem is ISP is not giving more then one fixed public IP , ADSL router is ALCATEL which is provided by the ISP. Now my problem is I don't have more then one IP address in this case can I have that one IP address on to ADSL router and do the port redirection , or is it that the VPN will not working unless I have fixed public IP on my FireWall.

Will be very thankfull to you all for the help as i am stuck in the situation.


Re: FireWall port redirection


I have setup a VPN with your situation (not port redirection but I don't see why it would not work) on a Cayman ADSL router not with an ALCATEL so there may be some differences (I had access to the Cayman config). In the Cayman I was able to do a one-to-one NAT from the outside interface of the Cayman to the outside interface of the PIX allowing all IP. At this point your PIX is using a subnet like on the outside interface. Like your outside interface on the PIX would be and and the Ethernet interafce on the ALCATEL would Your inside subnet would need to be something different like At that point you can write the VPN config as normal, and do all the port redirection off the outside interface of the PIX

Hope that helps....

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