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Firewalling: Routing Issue

Recently, i have installed a pix501 which replaces my proxy server. I have position my PIX facing the internet with PAT since i have a single dynamic IP outside. I have also a router with IP/VPN connections to my branches. My problem is if i used my PIX as my PC's gateway i could not access my remote branches if used my router as a gateway to my PC i can access my INTRANET but i could not access the internet.

Is their a routing issue.


Re: Firewalling: Routing Issue

Hi .. you could add a static route on your PIX fro your branches which points to your router .. everything else will be routed to the Internet. You then need to configure your PC's using the PIX as its default gateway.

I hope it helps .. please rate it if it does !!!

Re: Firewalling: Routing Issue

The PIX will not do redirects so you have two options:

1) Use the router as gateway for PCs. The router probably already has a default route through its own public interface, so replace that route with specific routes to the peer VPN IPs. On the router, point a new default route to the PIX inside i/f.

2) Use the PIX Inside i/f as gateway for PCs. Put static routes on each host for the VPN subnets. Probably not very practical!

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