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Firewalls Required ??

My client has one headquarter and 7 remote offices. Each of them are located in different countries.

All the remote offices has a leased line with the headquarter , and they also have an Internet connection. Main traffic like SAP goes through leases lines, but we will create VPNs to pass email and http traffic through it. Is it neccessary to install a Firewall in each remote office, or it is ok to have just a Firewall in the headquarter. (Let´s suppose each office has just NT Proxy)

Should I expect it is secure working only with routers running VPNs and just one Firewall?

One more question: Can Cisco Secure filter unwanted web pages or detect them like WebSense?


Re: Firewalls Required ??

Each Internet entry point must be secure. A proxy filter is not a good stand-alone solution; I wouldn’t call it a firewall myself. You could put small PIX’s at all the remote offices, get rid of all the leased lines and setup Vpn’s from all remotes to headquarters and you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the end. You can use Web Sense with the PIX to restrict your users to only approved Internet locations. It integrates easily with the PIX.

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