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Fixed Address assignment possible when using VPN on PIX ?


I'm looking for a way to assign IP addresses on VPN activation by a Cisco VPN client software on Windows.

The customer wants to start applications from the main site towards the VPN clients. He is looking for a way to identify the individual equipment in his applications. Currently modem dial-up is used, so telephone numbers are used now.

VPN connections are not made over the internet, but over a private network. For security reasons the customer is not satisfied with interconnecting the networks using a firewall. Therefore the remote equipment will contain the Cisco VPN client software and connect to the PIX (model 515).

So far I could only find examples where addresses are fetched from a pool, meaning that association between IP address and remote equipment is dynamic rather than static.

Any sugggestion is welcome.

Thank you

Paul De Valck

New Member

Re: Fixed Address assignment possible when using VPN on PIX ?

Any update on this?

New Member

Re: Fixed Address assignment possible when using VPN on PIX ?

So far, I have not seen any suggestions whatsoever.

Therefore we are now checking possibilities for automatic registration to a (D)DNS or WINS server when setting up the VPN tunnel.

As we are not responsible for the DNS/WINS part of the network, this does not seem very appealing, but failing an alternative, we will have to find a spare server to install a DNS, and do the tests.

Could somebody point to examples of configurations on the VPN client and PIX as VPN terminator, to force registration with a DNS/WINS when setting up the VPN tunnel ?

An additional question is about the end of the lease of the IP address : is registration with the (possibly) different address automatic ?

Thanks for any suggestions

Paul De Valck

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