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fixup protocol smtp, added commands?

Is there a way to configure the command set that the PIX will recognize and pass using the fixup protocol? I have a customer who wants to leave the fixup protocol on but needs to use the AUTH command.

If there isn't a way to configure this, is there any plans to expand the recognized commands beyond the 7?


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Re: fixup protocol smtp, added commands?

I am afraid not.

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Re: fixup protocol smtp, added commands?

I recently had to turn off the FIXUP SMTP feature because so many servers want to talk ESMTP nowadays. In my case, the fixup was actually interfering with the session startup, even before the HELO command was issued. We were getting lots of timeouts and slow session performance. It was so bad that some servers timed out on the server and delivered it to our ISP's server (which was secondary in the MX record).

It would be nice if Cisco would enhance the fixup command. But ultimately , the email folks will have to allow or deny commands at the server level. In my case, their email platform has granular control over which commands they would accept and which commands they would deny. I thought they would be upset, turns out they didn't have a big problem with it at all.

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