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Frame to VPN Conversion

Hi Everybody,

We are planning to replace our current frame-relay network with a VPN in the next 60 days. Although I think I know the direction we should take, it always helps to get a second opinion.

We have three offices each having a 2620 connecting it to the frame. The main office also has a shared Internet connection for all three locations. This Internet connection uses a 2620 connected to a PIX 520 connected to our LAN.

I would like to purchase two additional PIX-520's for the remote offices. We are going to replace our current 2620's with three 2621 VOIP enabled routers from AT&T Managed Internet Services. I will not be able to gain access to the programming on these routers as AT&T manages them remotely. All of the VPN programming must take place on the PIX's.

I have found the following sample programming on the Cisco website that I think will work for our new setup.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike


Re: Frame to VPN Conversion

That looks like a good proposal. The 520’s are very high throughput and should be suitable for your current needs and scalable for the future.

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