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FWSM A/P Cluster in transparent Mode

I've been implementing the immensly performant fwsm for some time now, but allways at new customer sites. But now I've stumbled into a re-design of a huge existing network. 2 issues arrise; the transparent mode = the way to go obviously. To minimize the impact for the client. But 1. ALl the Vlan's are allready created on the MSFC's, So how can I assign them to the fwsm (without wreaking havoc)? And 2. Their entire Lan Ip-range/Partner IP-range are on vlan 1 (I know, I know...) and I May not touch this... sigh.

Annyone encounter a similar set-up and have more intelligent suggestions than I can come up with?

I humbly bow in gratitude.



Re: FWSM A/P Cluster in transparent Mode

You can achieve reasonable security by establishing a good security policy, following that security policy, staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the hacker and security communities, and maintaining and monitoring all systems with sound system administration practices.

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Re: FWSM A/P Cluster in transparent Mode

Hmmm okay... either my english is very bad or you have not read what I typed in my question.

Thank you for the effort tough.

Design wise I know what is the current/ recommended practice. I am asking what I can do in this particular situation technically, without uprooting their use of vlan 1... If there is no workarround, no problem. I'll have to migrate everything first and use routed mode.

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