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FWSM hanging on 'wr mem'

When I make a change in the FWSM config and write the changes, the FWSM hangs at the following,

fw-core# wr mem

Building configuration...

Cryptochecksum: 6fe56190 236edfe9 14540595 d546e902

After several minutes (tipicaly 2-3), the '[OK]' message appears. After that, 'sh cpu' usually shows,

fw-core# sh cpu

CPU utilization for 5 seconds = 100%; 1 minute: 90%; 5 minutes: 70%

I can't find a pattern; this seems to happen randomly. Sometimes, 'wr mem' takes a second or two (like it should).

I'm running (the latest) FWSM Firewall Version 1.1(1).

The Catalyst 6500 box is running, IOS 12.1(13)E1.

Any idea why this happens? I've looked at the known issues list, and this is not mentioned.


Re: FWSM hanging on 'wr mem'

Are you using PDM? The command 'wr mem' issued from a PDM, does at times take longer than one might expect. I don't remember facing this problem elsewhere, though I noticed that with ACL's in the configuration, 'wr mem' does take a little longer... but then again, that should be expected.

New Member

Re: FWSM hanging on 'wr mem'

No, I'm not using PDM. This happens both with telnet/ssh/console. Again, randomly.

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