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FWSM Security Context


We are having FWSM module in 6500 switch, also having license for 20 seperate security contexts.

The problem is, I am able to create more then two contexts but at a time only one will work.

pls help me on the same


Re: FWSM Security Context

You must first enable multiple context mode using the mode multiple command. Then enter the activation key to allow more than two contexts using the activation-key command. The mode and the activation key are not stored in the configuration file, even though they do endure reboots. If you view the configuration on the FWSM using the write terminal, show startup, or show running commands, the mode displays after the FWSM Version (blank means single mode, "" means you are in multiple mode in the system configuration, and means you are in multiple mode in a context).

Re: FWSM Security Context

Enabling Multiple Context Mode

The context mode (single or multiple) is not stored in the configuration file, even though it does endure reboots. If you need to copy your configuration to another device, you will need to reenter this command on the new device.

When you convert from single mode to multiple mode, the FWSM converts the running configuration into two files: a new startup.cfg (in Flash) that comprises the system configuration, and admin.cfg (in the disk partition) that comprises the admin context. The original running configuration is saved as old_running.cfg (in disk). The original startup configuration is not saved. The FWSM automatically adds an entry for the admin context to the system configuration with the name "admin."

To enable multiple mode, enter the following command:

FWSM(config)# mode multiple

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