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General authentication issues

I have a general issue with authenticating usernames and passwords. starting with remote desktop connection to my win 8 laptop 6 days a go i was able to connect to it from the internet with no problems, now for some reason i can't connect to it i can see the window asking for a log in info so it can see the computer but it doesn't accept my log in info, i also have win 2008 server computer on the same LAN and i can connect to it from the outside.

same thing with my FTP service i can connect to my FTP from the internet using IE but when it asks for username and password it doesn't accept them.

SAME PROBLEM WITH VPN i used to e able to connect to my LAN from the outside internet and now while it's verifying username and password for VPN it doesn't accept them.

Iam basically looking at an authentication issue not a connection because i see that i can connect to these services until authentication level then authentication doesn't work.

Any Ideas?


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