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Getting Cisco VPN client errors 720, 721, and 726?

We have one user, who is getting authentication errors when trying to connect to our Cisco 3005 Concentrator from a Windows XP SP2 client, using Cisco VPN client 4.8.02. The VPN group he belongs to authenticates against our Windows 2003 AD domain. All of our other VPN 3005 users are authenticating fine.

This one user happens to have an unusually long login name. Could the length of his user name be part of why the authentication is failing?


Re: Getting Cisco VPN client errors 720, 721, and 726?

A FAIL response is significantly different from an ERROR. A FAIL means that the user has not met the criteria contained in the applicable authentication database to be successfully authenticated. Authentication ends with a FAIL response. An ERROR means that the security server has not responded to an authentication query. Because of this, no authentication has been attempted. Only when an ERROR is detected will AAA select the next authentication method defined in the authentication method list

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Re: Getting Cisco VPN client errors 720, 721, and 726?

This is all good and well, but is doesn't begin to even start answering my question.

What do the Cisco VPN error codes 720, 721, etc. relate to? Authentication? Failed query? What?!

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