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H225 call preceeding received before setup %PIX-4-405103 & %PIX-4-405104

I am getting 405103 and 405104 messages on my syslogs and my video conferencing unit that has worked fine for years had problems with dropping the calls.

I cannot find any information on 405103 that is helpful.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.



Re: H225 call preceeding received before setup %PIX-4-405103 & %

See bug CSCdt18433 and CSCds72776 (An H225 packet with an invalid protocol discriminator now generates an informational syslog message)

PIX-4-405104: H225 message received from faddr/fport to laddr/lport before SETUP


This message appears after an H.225 message is received out of order. The H.225 message was received before the initial SETUP message, which is not allowed. The PIX Firewall must receive an initial SETUP message for that H.225 call signalling channel before accepting any other H.225 messages.

Action None required

If the problem persists I would look into upgrading the OS.

Hope it helps.


Community Member

Re: H225 call preceeding received before setup %PIX-4-405103 & %

I am running 6.2(2) IOS. Should I try a later one.

It is the first time in 2 years I have seen this error and had problems with the video conferencing unit.

I am aware of the bug, but it just told me that it would log the information...didn't really tell me "why" it happens.

Basically, I just wanted to know if anyone else ever encountered this and if they had a "cause" as to why. I have had a few calls since then that went was just the one call. Of course the call that failed was between some executives between Japan and the US talking :^)

Is there a more recent IOS I should try?


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