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Having Problem with VPN concentrator and Win2k L2TP/IPSec

Hi I'm trying to make the native win2k vpn client work with a Concentrator 3030 using L2TP/IPSec with preshared keys, but unsuccessfully.

When I configure win2k and Concentrator ( with a internal user ) as said in Cisco and Microsoft I get the message "user not found on domain" even though I have the user configured on the VPN 3030.

I am able to establish a L2TP connection when I check the "do not use IPSec" option on w2k.

Through the Cisco VPN client I'm able do establish a pure IPSec tunnel without any problems.

If anyone has already tried that kind of configuration suggestions would be appreciated.



New Member

Re: Having Problem with VPN concentrator and Win2k L2TP/IPSec

you need to go and make a registry change on w2k for it to enable you to use the w2k client the 3030 for L2TP you also need to make sure that you are running cisco concentrator client 3.5.2 or higher for there is a bug in anything lower that will not allow w2k to connect via a L2TP tunnel useing the W2k VPN Client. The Cisco Concentrator also does not support CHAP V2 in 3.5.2 or later at the present time

you also need to make this registy change talked about in the following link;en-us;Q240262

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