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having problem with windows 98 and vpn client

i have 5 users using windows 98 vpning in to the router and it connects but can't pull e-mail and files over to thru the tunnel. Can't get connected to the network. I have the lmhosts file configured. any ideas ???

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Re: having problem with windows 98 and vpn client


Can you ping , telnet or ftp some files through the tunnel ?

If you can, that means layer 3 connectivity is fine.

If you are using NT domain, make sure you can ping your PDC by name.

When you connectted to VPN, it will prompt you another windows ask you input "username, password and domain" name, after you login to the domain, you should be able to acceess domain resources.

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Re: having problem with windows 98 and vpn client

I have seen the condition where VPN users can ping over a tunnel but can not complete important conversations like e-mail retrieval or pulling up internal web sites. Sometimes this is related to MTU setting. But usually this problem crops up as an issue with a particular kind of ISP/access method. For example Pac Bell DSL uses PPPoE and appears to require setting the MTU to 1285 in order to work correctly. And there was another that required setting MTU to 1400 - I forget who that was.

Is it all users who use Win98 who are seeing the problem? Or only Win98 users using a particular method to get to the Internet? And as was mentioned - can they ping the internal devices once they connect? And if no - can they ping the devices by their number instead of by their name? (Which would point to a DNS issue.) Good luck!

Re: having problem with windows 98 and vpn client


We have some issues with SAP connectivity over the VPN Client tunnel.

But this was OS independent.

It was solved when we upgraded the client to 3.5.2C, so a tip upgrade to the latest client software.

And the MTU is not a bad idea to test to lower to 1400, if a particular app don't work.

/Brgds Stefan

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