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Help with debug


I've got a pix firewall, and I'd like to monitor packets flowing from server1 to server2.

I've setup up the following debug list:

debug packet dmz2 src x.x.x.x dst y.y.y.y

The problem I have is that if I start debugging once I've entered this I see packets appear on my terminal. Once I log out and log back in the packets no longer appear in the terminal. If I do a "sh debug" I can see the debug rule is still there.

My question is where are is the debug information going?

Additional config that I have:

logging on

logging timestamp

logging console warnings

logging monitor debugging

logging buffered informational

logging trap informational

logging history debugging

logging host inside z.z.z.z

Thanks in advance


New Member

Re: Help with debug

Hello Dan

According to your config,

logging monitor debugging

debug info is logged to your terminal, only if your telnet session is active , so if your telnet or ssh session gets disconnected you will loose all the debuf info.

Once you reconnect to your pix via ssh or telnet you will have to do

conf t

term mon

and it will show you the debug info again.

Or you can change the logging trap to

logging trap debugging

and capture the info at host z.z.z.z

Hope this helps

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