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How do I print back through a VPN connection

Hi I need help printing via a VPN connection.

Users at a remote office connect into our head office via a cisco VPN client. They can then print by using remote desktop or connecting to our print server. The question I have is can we print the other way, i.e. from head office to a printer connected to a server at the remote location?

Our remote users use an ERP package at headoffice called MFG/Pro via RDP. At the moment they can only print invoices to the head office printers, not the printers at the remote office. From within MFG/Pro we statically map printers on the local network but i can't figure out how to map a printer located at the remote site. Can this be done?


Re: How do I print back through a VPN connection

I am trying to understand your requirments. so the remote users can print to the head office printer when they connect using remote desktop via the vpn but they cannot print to their local printer (At the remote office) while on RDP?

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Re: How do I print back through a VPN connection

Well the remote users can print via RDP. The problem we have is that they need to print to a printer on their network. This printer needs to be defined within the ERP package at head office.

So when they use the ERP package on Remote Desktop they need to be able to print to a predefined printer that actually resides on the remote network.

Because they are using VPN Clients i'm unsure how to define a printer on the remote network as they may not have the same IP address each time they connect.

Sorry if I am unclear but it is very confusing for me.

Re: How do I print back through a VPN connection

I will suggest something here that might help you. what you can do is install the local printer (at the remote office) printer driver on the RDP server (Just the driver) and on the RDP client under option, local resources, select "Printers" under local devices. What should happen is the local printer should map to the client RDP sesssion on the RDP server.

Then you setup the ERP package to use the mapped local printer.


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