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How do you keep your VPN clients up to date?

Hi, how do you keep your Cisco VPN clients up to date? Our users connect to a Cisco 3015 Concentrator. It needs to be as automatic as possible.



Re: How do you keep your VPN clients up to date?

Check this link,



Steps to perform an automatic update for VPN client :


1. Download update- file on your PC from the link below and unzip it.

It will have the following files::

- binary_config.ini

- sig.dat

- vpnclient-win-is-8.00.0440-k9.exe

- vpnclient-win-msi-8.00.0440-k9.exe

2. Create a webserver with a folder and move all the above files to this folder on webserver.

3. Now on your vpn client create a new profile. This profile file will appear in the profiles folder of the vpn client. Copy this file to your desktop and zip it. Name the

zipped file as Delete the profile from the client.

4. Make a copy of your binary_config.ini on your desktop. Rename it to new_update_config.ini. This is just to make sure its not saved as a txt file.

Open the above file and write the following on it:



5. Now move the new_update_config.ini and to the webserver. Once we browse to the webserver it should look like --


Index of /~razshah/vpn_profile_update462

Name Last modified Size Description


Parent Directory 09-Mar-2005 13:24 -

binary_config.ini 09-Mar-2005 13:26 1k

new_update_config.ini 11-Mar-2005 11:35 1k 09-Mar-2005 13:26 1k

sig.dat 09-Mar-2005 13:26 2k

vpnclient-win-is-4.6..> 09-Mar-2005 13:26 7.6M

vpnclient-win-msi-4...> 09-Mar-2005 13:26 10.3M

6. The concentrator is configured as follows:

Client Type is Windows

URL http://webserver/~razshah/vpn_profile_update462

Revisions 4.6

7. On your PC go to the VPN Client > updates folder. Delete the update_config file if its already there. This folder should have only autoinstall (this file will be added if update works) autoupdate header files.

The update does take about 5 mins. To see the new file we have to close and reopen the client. Once connected make sure you are able to browse to the webserver and see all the files.

1- Auto update runs only on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, all other client types update manually. Windows NT users get notified and can get an update manually from the update server.

2- Remote users must have the VPN Client for Windows 4.6 or greater installed on their PCs to use the automatic update feature.



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Re: How do you keep your VPN clients up to date?


1.)I would like to use VPN version 5 if possible, it only has 3 files in it will your instructions still apply to this?

2.)Would your point 6 then have to say 5.0 instead of 4.6?

3.) Does the auto-update remove the users profile settings? Is that why we have to create a


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