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How to allow broadcast / mulitcast thoruhgt a FWSM

Hi Gents,

Basically I am looking for similar functionality that you can have on a router when using Ip helper. I have been reading about dhcprelay but it only mentions UDP 67,68. Ideally I need to cusomize the destination port that is broadcasted to the same port but as unicast to a single IP. This is basically to get some Exec backup application to work. Afterthe cilent is installed on the systems they start broadcasting in order to receive aresponse from the Exec Symantec server. I had similar issue before but the layer 3 device was a router and hence ip helper solved the issue .. this time is FWSM and the clients and servers are located behind different interfaces. Any help is much appreciated.

The FWSM is running code 2.3(4)


Re: How to allow broadcast / mulitcast thoruhgt a FWSM

Hi .. I have opened a TAC case and confirmed that this in not possible the only exeption is dhcprelay which only works for UDP 67,68 an dso the cutomer either needs to place thebaclup server on teh same segment of the clients or find a different backup solution.

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