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how to configure PIX 515 to work with two (2) ISP and one inside interface

My english isn´t good , but a hope that understandme

Any body speak spanish??

I am installing a PIX 515 with 3 interface fastethernet ( e0, e1 and intf2). I have two ISP to internet. One interface (e0) is conected to cisco 2621 ( ISP telecom). Another interface ( intf2) is conected to cisco 2501 ( ISP Redsat) and inside interface ( e1) is conected to core switch layer 3 ( trusted network).

I want that any user and server ( proxy) work with ISP REDSAT and other user and server ( www, mail, database) work with ISP Telecom.

In the pix configuration , only can issue one command:

route outside 1

to use ISP telecom, but i can´t isuue the command:

route intf2 1

because show error ( i can´t use two command with route metric 1)

How to configure the PIX , to use both ISP to internet ??

If is necesary , i can attach the output the sh config in the

router cisco 2621 ( ISP telecom)

router cisco 2501 ( ISP redsat)

PIX 515

Thanks , and I hope your help

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Re: how to configure PIX 515 to work with two (2) ISP and one in

You can't do this on the PIX, it only supports one default route out to the Internet.

About the only way to do this with your setup is to have both ISP links come into either the 2621 or the 2501, then just create a small network internally pointing to your PIX outside interface. Then the default route on the PIX can point to the inside address of the 2621/2501 router. It means you'll need 2 serials and 1 ethernet on the outside router, and you'll only use 2 of the 3 interfaces on the PIX (outside and inside), so you'll have a spare DMZ interface to use for whatever you like.

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Re: how to configure PIX 515 to work with two (2) ISP and one in


If i configure the conection with 2 ISP in cisco 2621, i need configure BGP in this router too?

is there any example to configure BGP in router 2621 ?

thanks , again

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