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how to deploy vpn

I would like to know how can I deploy vpn using firewalls

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Re: how to deploy vpn

Read up on Cisco Pixs Firewalls and Concertrators. It has awesome resources to set up even the most complicate VPN's.

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Re: how to deploy vpn

Thanks for replying, but could I get some instructions on how setting this up. In the company I work for we have a 5500 Cisco Catalyst Swith and severals 1900 Catalyst switches. If you can help us with this it will be strongly appreciate it.

Best Regards

Jorge Jergo


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Re: how to deploy vpn

did you say VPN ? maybe you mean VLANs. you don´t

specify exactly what you need.

However, in order to deploy your VPN, first you should consider the following:

1. Main and Remote offices have Internet access.

2. They all have Cisco routers with VPN features.

3. List traffic that would go through your VPN.

4. Security policies : keep in mind you gotta get a Firewall .

5. You may find VPN sample configurations in CCO.

Hope this help!


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Re: how to deploy vpn

I agree with Marcos. I am not too sure whether the question is for VPN or VLAN.

If it is VPN, site to site VPN between a firewall and a router or firewall and firewall should be no issue at all. If it is remote access VPNs, you may want to consider adding an accelarator to the firewall.

If VLAN, remember to consider how you route between VLANs. Of-course there are number of solutions possible.

Best Regards / Sampath of SAMW Inc.

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