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How to enable java classes in cisco 2811


I am running server 2003 ent edition domain with cisco 2811 being the firewall. My XP prof clients have always faced this issue of not seeing some of the pages completely as those webpages have java classes which never loads and the users see blank blocks with java cups example:

This site loads perfect but whereever java applet is loaded, users will never see those applets:

Question: How to enable java classes/applets on cisco 2811 and what re the commands and where should I put those commands?

-What is the relation of blocking those classes/applets at the router level with security?



Re: How to enable java classes in cisco 2811

Check if you have turned on HTTP inspection on the router. HTTP inspection needs to be turned on only when you want to block all java applets or selectively block java applets. If you want to allows all java applets, you do not even need to turn on http inspection. The "tcp" inspection can take care of it. Plain http inspection will block all applets. http inspection with java list would allow to selectively block java from sites based on the access list specified. http inspection with java list configured with an access list to allow everything will not block any java applets.

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Re: How to enable java classes in cisco 2811

Thanks for the reply:

Question1: So if I remove http inspection I am still safe as I have the tcp inspection on?

Question2: Is this command will do the magic of enabling all java applets (access-list 21 permit any ip inspect name TRAFFIC_INSPECTI http java-list 21)

or I still need to remove http inspection to have a full flovour of java applets on my web browsers?

I really appreciate your time.

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