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How to get XLate out of ASA with SNMP

Hi All,

We recently replaced out trusty old 3660 NAT router with a pair of ASA5520's. Our service desk used to be able to pull the NAT translations out of the router using SNMP. (CISCO-IETF-NAT-MIB:ciscoIetfNatMIB)

We would like to do that same on the ASA, which obviously means we need to pull out the xlate. I have so far been unable to figure out how to do this, can anyone help?

We are running Version 8.0(2)

Many Thanks,



Re: How to get XLate out of ASA with SNMP

I dont know how to do this with snmp. I'm doing it with syslog. The ASA is sending me a log each time a translation is created.

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Re: How to get XLate out of ASA with SNMP

Hmmm, this was going to be my fall-back option, but I'm not looking forward to this as I'll have to figure out some way of having the syslogs go into an SQL database so that I've got a real-time translation table that I can query.

Is anyone aware of whether getting the Xlates out of a PIX/ASA using SNMP is possible?


Try this

Try this

sh conn count

oid .

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